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Snail Games Lineage 2 Blood Oath

We have seen previously about Lineage Dawn of Aden, which is developed by Netmarble and now another Lineage 2 for mobile (Android, iOS) devices which is named as a Lineage II Blood Oath. Snail Games developing Lineage 2 Blood Oath for mobile devices with the use of in-house Flexi Engine which is previously used in Age…

Final Fantasy XI Reboot Mobile Android IOS

final fantasy 11 mobile

Nexon Unreal Engine 4 powered Final Fantasy XI Reboot Mobile Here is the first look of upcoming Final Fantasy XI Reboot for mobile (android, ios) devices. Korean game giant Nexon announces Final Fantasy Reboot with Square Enix. We all well know about Final Fantasy XI it is a sequel of Final Fantasy series and after…

Devilian mobile closed beta for Korea


We have seen in previous rumors about a Devilian mobile game. Devilian is one of the best PC Diablo style MMORPG game. Now, finally closed beta of the Devilian Mobile game is set on 19 April to 9 may in Korea. The closed beta date is announced by Gamevil which is one of the best…

Tian Xia Next-Gen Mobile MMORPG Game

tian xia gameplay

Tian Xia this is what next generation mobile MMORPGs should be. Tian Xia is currently in development and under testing in China. Tian Xia contains beautiful Chinese houses, graphics, whether and much more. Above few minute trailer shows the quality of this upcoming mobile MMORPG game and why should we call this Next-Gen mobile MMORPG….

Ragnarok online 3D Mobile coffee test Gameplay

ragnarok online mobile

New Ragnarok Online 3D Mobile game which we have seen in the past few months, Now the first test (coffee test) which is starting today we have got the game to test and experience this beautiful game before most players. The game is in the Chinese language, there is no option for language change. The…

Ragnarok Online mobile first test

Ragnarok online mobile

Ragnarok Online mobile first test Ragnarok online one of the most ancient MMORPG series, we have seen Ragnarok online mobile in our previous post now the first test (Coffee Test) is set on 16 April 2016 , yes it’s true we are finally getting hands on this awesome upcoming Ragnarok online mobile game. It is…

Lineage 2 Dawn of Aden

lineage 2 mobile

Lineage 2: Dawn of Aden Lineage is one of the most ancient PC MMORPG game series and now we can finally know about its mobile version. Thanks to Netmarble’s to develop this game for mobile. This is a mobile version on Lineage 2 and known as Lineage 2: Dawn of Aden. We have seen so…

Best Android Games, puzzle, action, shooter games

Badland gameplay

Best Android Games The most popular and all-time favorite android games which will add some twist in your boring life. We are going to show you some paid and free games. Some of those with world class graphics quality and some of the Mindfreak puzzle games. Now we will start with android best puzzle games….

Ragnarok Online Mobile

Ragnarok online mobile

Ragnarok Online mobile ChinaJoy Ragnarok online is the one of the most popular and all-time favorite game the game which is available almost every platform. Ragnarok online is an open word MMORPG game with good graphics which is developed by gravity. We all wanted to play Ragnarok online on our mobiles with great graphics. Now…

Frogmind Badland 2 coming soon to android

Badlands 2 gameplay

Badland 2 android : Every android game lover knows about badland it’s an arcade RPG  style game with most beautiful graphics and strategy gameplay. Badland has won numbers of awards and heart of every gamer. Badland has done well on every aspect. Now we have seen a month ago badland 2 has launched on the…